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alignment consultancy

You are the creator of  your own reality


Alignment Consultancy is the first company that is willing to challenge you or your company on a level that has never been done before.

The company that teaches to extend in the most profound way.

We all have desires we want to fulfill and we live for expansion. That is the reason of our existence.

These desires make us want to expand, grow and to be and have more (more money, more work, more relationships, better health). We have been taught our whole lives to work hard, struggle and compete with one and other to be better than we already are.

What if I told you there is an easier way? A fun way in which you as a person or company can have, or be, anything you have ever desired. A way that will reveal your true potential to be a deliberate creator of all your desires.

A way that teaches you to discover the true secret of being a creator of your own reality.

you owe it to yourself to be everything you already are and more.
So don’t hesitate and contact us for more information

How it works

My real life experiences and the teachings of Seth, Abraham Hicks and other teachers made me realize that we as humans are very powerful and we can create everything we want.

In fact we have been creating all our experiences since the day we were born (completely unaware).

Alignment simply teaches you to be aware of your part. When you are  you can start creating the life that you want.

There are a few basic steps in alignment. The first step is awareness. You need to know the basic understanding of alignment, law of attraction and vibrations and acknowledge them. If you are fully aware of these basic principals you can start creating your reality with one of our programs.

The personal Alignment program

based on 1 hour sessions. We also offer a package deal of 10 hours for 10 sessions. In these sessions, we will focus on creating your desires, based on the steps of our program.

The topics can be:

General well being, Body, Work, Relationships, Parenting, Money, Health

Company Alignment program

The Company Alignment program is designed for companies that want to improve company morale and profits. It will relieve stress and create a successful environment. It’s a way of screening your company, not based on figures, but based on your employees’ satisfaction. It’s also a great company benefit, which they can use for personal benefits as well. The programs we provide for company’s are:

Stress Free environment

Recruitment training

Decrease turnover

Full company alignment training

Meditation program

Let me ask you a very quick question.

If I could show you a way to suddenly experience the AMAZING BENEFITS of meditation – without ANY of the effort…
… Would YOU be interested?

Just imagine being able to tap into benefits that the universe holds for you!

The Team

Within alignment our greatest working goal is to have fun. We all know we are a serious company but also that we need to enjoy our lives fully. This is also the most important criteria to work for alignment. Next to the few people that work for us, you can always apply as an ambassador of alignment if you are interested you can sent us an email with your request and we´ll get back to you with the details.

Company motto: Fun, Fun, Fun

Thanks the team

Menoodj Bharatshing

Alignment teacher

Leo Targon

Global Sales Manager

BrigittA Ruijgrok-Smits

Alignment teacher


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Freelance Recruitment 

As a freelancer I offer my freelance HR and recruitment services to companies.

I have 18 years of experience within the HR and Recruitment field. I combine my experience together with the knowledge of my alignment.

Its’s a unique way of approaching my assignments and clients.


Would u like to know more about Alignment  or about our programs…….lets have a coffee and see what we can do for u?


Menoodj Bharatsingh – Founder

Phone: +32 (0) 471-862-613

Office Hours:

weekdays: 9AM – 9PM
weekends: 10AM – 6PM


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