you are the creator of your own reality


We are source energy. We came for the pleasure of exploring contrast in full happiness and to be more than we already are. We came to expand by means of experiencing the world around us and by guidance of our desires. Because if we don’t expand we cease to exist.

What is Alignment? Alignment literally means: “the process of adjusting two different connected parts, so that they are in proper position to empower each other”. True “alignment” as we want to say means, The pure connection between your physical body and the source energy in you (source = your true self).


Meditation is not designed to stop thoughts. This is impossible. We are made to have thoughts so you will never be able to stop your thoughts. What you can do is focus on the thoughts that serve you. Alignment teaches you the 3 basic principles of meditation that will form the source code for you to create. .

business alignment

The Company Alignment program is designed for companies that want to improve company morale and profits. It will relieve stress and create a successful environment. It’s a way of screening your company, not based on figures, but based on your employees’ satisfaction. 

personal alignment

Based on 1 hour sessions. In these sessions, we will focus on creating your desires, based on the 4 steps of our program. The topics we handle are mostly abundance, work, relationships and health. Besides these topic we can help you uplift yourself on any topic you want.

How does it Work

alignmentPROGAM in 4 steps






The Alignment Program is intended for people who want to take control of their lives and take responsibility for it. Alignment simply means being connected to your true self and always choosing what you want in life – living your life fully according to your own desires and not to please others.





Het Alignment Programma is bedoeld voor mensen die controle over hun leven willen nemen en daar verantwoordelijkheid voor willen nemen. Alignment betekent simpelweg verbonden zijn met je ware zelf en altijd kiezen wat je wilt in het leven – je leven volledig leven volgens je eigen verlangens en niet om anderen te plezieren. 

you get what you think!

Je krijgt wat je denkt!

my new workbook

mijn nieuwe werkboek


This workbook teaches you the basics of Alignment, order the book and live the life you are supposed to live.


Dit werkboek leert je dmv zelfstudie de basisprincipes van Alignment. Bestel het boek en leef je leven zoals je het hoort te leven.