We are source energy. We came for the pleasure of exploring contrast in full happiness and to be more than we already are. We came to expand by means of experiencing the world around us and by guidance of our desires. Because if we don’t expand we cease to exist.

What is Alignment? Alignment literally means: “the process of adjusting two different connected parts, so that they are in proper position to empower each other”. True “alignment” as we want to say means, The pure connection between your physical body and the source energy in you (source = your true self).

Vibrational Universe

We came to experience life for the expansion of ourselves and the universe. We are born in a universe where everything (material and non material) is moving energy, meaning VIBRATIONS. In order to translate a vibration you need a translator. Luckily we are translators of vibrations. We translate vibration with our senses. This means we can receive and broadcast vibrations in to our physical world. Every thought is basically a vibration that you have attracted and translated in a thought. Furthermore every thought/object/condition you attract has his own frequency. A group of your similar thoughts creates such a powerful emotion that it will start to broadcast a frequency (vibration). That same broadcasted frequency can only connect with the same frequency. Think about it as a radio station or a television set. You can only receive channel 1 if you actually turn on channel 1.

Now, let’s assume we can control our vibrations by our feelings and observations: If this is true, aren’t we able to create our own reality or attract the object that we want? Simply by deliberately broadcasting the frequency/vibration of the condition we want. If you align your vibration on the same vibrational frequency of the condition/object (relationship, car, job etc) you desire, you can attract/create anything in your life.

This is what we call ALIGNMENT and that is what we can teach you.