Alignment @ Altus Staffing a leading edge organization

Alignment @ Altus Staffing a leading edge organization

Alignment Consultancy introduced a completely new approach to Altus Staffing. Within order to achieve success for the entire organization. As a result, they are currently a leading edge organizationnot only looking at success from a financial perspective, but above all focusing on the wishes of the organization and its employees. Since the wishes of the company, their employees and customers are in alignment with their own, then success is assured. By following the alignment program they gained awareness about how their individual members, through their personal belief systems and thought patterns, used to boycott themselves and the company in achieving the desired results.   They gained insights into themselves to acknowledge all their negative experiences, failures and difficult situations as their own responsibility. But also tools, tips and tricks on how to get the control over this and at the same time bend them in their own favor. Now they are aware of their own responsibility and there is nothing left in the way to achieve aimed goals. “A successful relationship is based on the same desires, wishes, expectations and the acceptance of each others differences unconditionally”

How does your belief system affects your life?

How does your belief system affects your life?

Your whole life is based on your belief system. Just think about it, is it not true that you always act from a belief that you have? And is it not true that most of these beliefs are not even your owns? Why do you actually use them as a reference framework? Why do you prefer to let your life be led by other people’s beliefs? You are a unique individual and if you want your life to look like you want, then you have to start living according to a system that works for you namely: your own belief system.

Start by examining your belief system and see what comes out of that. Be critical of yourself and write down all your beliefs. Beliefs you have in the field of work, relationships, health. Throw all your beliefs that do not serve you overboard and replace them with those who DO work. Do this on a regular basis and then look what happens in your life. Just take two minutes a day to examine your actions.

Are you Aligned with yourself?

Are you Aligned with yourself?

To be aligned you must completely love yourself (100%). Most people easily answer that they love themselves. But if you continue to ask questions, 95% of this is often not the case. If you completely love yourself then you never have to defend yourself. You do not have to justify yourself and you always do what you want without resistance. If you fully control this then you will love yourself completely and you will be in alignment with yourself.

Alignment simply means “the relationship you have with yourself”. If your relationship with yo

urself is in the same line, then nothing stops you from having success in everything you do in your life. You just have to learn how to do that. The first steps are always that you choose to feel good and that you always put yourself in the first place.

the first steps you have to take are:

a. Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you in your life

b. Always be aware of what you think and how you feel

c. Always think and talk about what you want and not about what you don´t want

By taking these first steps, you are halfway towards your success.

Vibrational Universe

Vibrational Universe

We live in a vibrational universe, everything in and around us is built and consists of vibrations We are the translators of these vibrations. We send and receive vibrations all the time even without knowing it. Now imagine that you would be in control of those vibrations and you could attract exactly what you wanted. Life would be so much easier.

Here is how it works:
Think of a radio station. If you put your channel on Amsterdam FM you can only receive Amsterdam FM, right? Now, imagine yourself as a radio station. And imagine that your emotions and feelings are the channels you can put them on.

If you put your channel on the frequency of an emotion that feels positive then you can only make contact with the same positive frequency.
In other words; if you have thoughts and emotions that are positive then you can only attract situations that are positive. If you put your channel on a frequency of an emotion that does not feel positive then you will only attract situations that are not positive.
It is a matter of awareness of where you focus in your daily life.
Alignment Consultancy teaches you how to fine tune your focus and how to become more aware of your vibration. Be successful in your job and get everything you ask for in your private life.
Test yourself and see how this changes your life in less than a month.

Follow your own course to success

Follow your own course to success

If you want to be successful, always do what you want!

If you always do what you want, let’s start by first examine yourself…

Do you react emotionally to conditions?
Do you always listen to yourself?
Is it important what someone else thinks about you?

I think that the answer for 95% of our world population will be yes, no, yes. But we are not aware that we are doing it. The only thing that will ever make you truly successful is when you will never live up to other people’s expectations. Think about it! Is our economy not based on the fact of always wanting to please others? If it is not your partner or your boss, then it is politics or any other individual you meet. You are not born to please others!

Why is that? You will never be able to please everyone anyways. Everyone has their own opinion and that opinion is made up with beliefs they hold. Beliefs they have gained throughout their lives and now you want to convince them with the beliefs that you have gained throughout your life. This is a process that you are doing every day. Give it up, you will never win. It´s time-consuming, mainly wasteful of energy and it brings a lot of resistance with it. Without you even knowing, you have been influenced by other people and conditions your whole life. You have given away your power because you let the other person or conditions determine how you feel, based on their beliefs instead of your owns. Conditions or people are never in control of your emotions, you are in control.
What if you only live and listen to your own beliefs? Would that not make your life a whole lot easier? What if no one else’s opinion matters. Would that not mean that you are responsible for all the decisions in your life? Is it not great to be in control of your life, to create your life as you wish?

You can be a very powerful person or organization to set your life the way you want success after success and creation after creation. The most successful organizations and people are those who always do what they want (observe them).

Are you ready to take matters into your own hands and to be responsible for everything that happens in your life? Then you might be ready to take control again.

Alignment teaches companies and people to be successful and responsible for everything they do.