Menoodj Just signed a worldwide contract with one of the largest children’s book publishers in Europe and worldwide. He wrote the book with the help of Micaela Lourdes Pino (childrens dr. in pedagoge) and with illustrations of Tom Verbruggen (illustrator). The book will be released next year.


My children’s book “I am thought” will be released worldwide next spring. The book is very revolutionary and is there to teach children how to be happy in their lives regardless of the situation they are in. They mainly learn to handle their emotions, thoughts and how to master all the situations in their lives and turn them around so that they can manifest their reality.

I am so happy that a step is finally being taken to build a better future for everyone. Because if the children learn to master it now, the final result will be no judgments, resistance, prejudices, but mainly self-responsibility and having fun in your life. We are also going to urge the schools (I hope in the entire world) in Belgium and The Netherlands to include Alignment within the school system. When that happens the road to a easy and better world for everyone is not far.

And let’s be honest that this is much needed in this time!

I hope to see you all in one of my seminars or workshops anywhere in the world. I think anyone who doesn’t love themselves can use it.

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