If you want to be successful, always do what you want! If you always do what you want, let’s start by first examine yourself… Do you react emotionally to conditions? Do you always listen to yourself? Is it important what someone else thinks about you? I think that the answer for 95% of our world population will be yes, no, yes. But we are not aware that we are doing it. The only thing that will ever make you truly successful is when you will never live up to other people’s expectations. Think about it! Is our economy not based on the fact of always wanting to please others? If it is not your partner or your boss, then it is politics or any other individual you meet. You are not born to please others! Why is that? You will never be able to please everyone anyways. Everyone has their own opinion and that opinion is made up with beliefs they hold. Beliefs they have gained throughout their lives and now you want to convince them with the beliefs that you have gained throughout your life. This is a process that you are doing every day. Give it up, you will never win. It´s time-consuming, mainly wasteful of energy and it brings a lot of resistance with it. Without you even knowing, you have been influenced by other people and conditions your whole life. You have given away your power because you let the other person or conditions determine how you feel, based on their beliefs instead of your owns. Conditions or people are never in control of your emotions, you are in control. What if you only live and listen to your own beliefs? Would that not make your life a whole lot easier? What if no one else’s opinion matters. Would that not mean that you are responsible for all the decisions in your life? Is it not great to be in control of your life, to create your life as you wish? You can be a very powerful person or organization to set your life the way you want success after success and creation after creation. The most successful organizations and people are those who always do what they want (observe them). Are you ready to take matters into your own hands and to be responsible for everything that happens in your life? Then you might be ready to take control again. Alignment teaches companies and people to be successful and responsible for everything they do. Curious: info@alignmentconsultancy.com Greetz, Menoodj