We want Alignment to be available for everyone on this planet. Iff you are not able to afford a personal alignment training with your budget, you can always buy our workbook “you get what you think” in our online shop. The book will guide you through all excersises in order to reach Alignment by selfstudy. Through the book you will be able to find all excersises for free on our yourtube channel “Alignment Consultancy”.  You are also always free to sent an e-mail with your questions


Based on 1 hour sessions.

In these sessions, we will focus on creating your desires, based on the steps of our program:

1 Session € 120
5 Sessions package € 500
10 Sessions package € 950

  *(All prices excl. vat)


The Company Alignment program is designed for companies that want to improve company morale and profits. It will relieve stress and create a successful environment. It’s a way of screening your company, not based on figures, but based on your employees’ satisfaction. It’s also a great company benefit, which they can use for personal benefits as well. The programs we provide for companies are:

  • Stress free environment (pressure, depression and burnouts)
  • Decrease turnover
  • Full company alignment program

1 day basic workshop (8 attendees) 

*Extra days (only with 1 day package) 

€ 1500

€ 600

1 day basic + material (8 attendees)  € 2000
Full program (p.p.)  € 5000

Full company program On demand (national or international location)

*(All prices excl. vat)


The meditation program has been developed to increase your focus. In this training we learn to expand your ability to control your thoughts. We believe that you can increase your ability to successfully deliver everything in your life by controlling your thoughts. There are countless ways you can meditate. We give you handles to find the right method that suits you. If you already have a method, we will help you to develop it further. If you do not have a method yet, we will learn you to focus in 3 different ways.

  • Sound
  • Breathing
  • Visual

After the training you will be able to focus yourself more and think consciously. If you start thinking more consciously, you will get the noise out of your system. Which will make you a powerful creator.

Price introduction course € 75
Price per session € 50
Package price € 100

*(All prices excl. vat)

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