The universe exists out of vibrations aka quantum particles. A quantum particle only behaves how we want them to behave when we observe them. This is pure science and proven. A thought is just the translation of a vibration (read quantum particle). A thought that you keep on thinking, turns in to a belief. An action is always preceded by a thought. This is law there is no other way.  All your actions and decisions are made based upon your belief system which consists out of all your beliefs.  Your reality is created by the beliefs in the belief system you hold. In your life you always act on this belief system.

Think about it you are not able to act without having a thought fist. Without thoughts you can’t move in to action.

How does this work?

When you focus on a thought (quantum particle) long enough it attracts thoughts similar to the one before. Al these thoughts are vibration first before they turn in to a thought. Eventually these thoughts will have gathered enough energy and will create a specific vibration. If you have a strong focus about the topic of your thought this will turn in to a belief. This belief eventually will materialize in to your reality (you will attract that what you think about – in other words the quantum particles will start to behave according to your thoughts and observation). Now the quantum particles are moving in the direction you want them to move just by thinking it. This is in simple terms how we create our own reality.

Take the experiment “the Schrodingers cat” as an example. When we put the cat in the box. The quantum particles are going to behave how YOU want them to behave with the belief that you hold. If you think that the cat will be dead, he will be dead when you open the box (it will behave exactly according to your belief by observation – in other words if you will belief that the cat is dead. He will be dead for sure when you open the box. After all your belief and thoughts are supporting this.

But if you are 100% sure the cat will survive and be alive. Then it will also live after you open the box. Your reality will be created according to your thoughts, belief system and observation.m Now lets see what happens if we bring this to a science explanation.

Shooting quantum particles in a straight line on a wall will make the quantum particles ending up at the same spot all the time. After all our belief system supports this. Shooting quantum particles in a straight line ensures that the quantum particles will end up in the same place every time
But by testing this in a lab it turns out that when we take away the subject of observation all the shotted quantum partcles are scattered over the wall. There is no pattern. Hence your belief is making the quantum particles behave like you want them to behave.

Now let’s put this in an example:

For instance, iff you belief your computer can be hacked by viruses. Then go ahead and buy a virus protection. Because for sure you are opening a door through your belief system that your computer can be hacked, just by believing it. But if you don’t want to be attacked by viruses that turn your attention to something different than fear or viruses. The quantum particles will start to behave according to your new belief.

You can put this in any situation you want you will always find out that the reality you are facing is always a product of your thought and belief. People are by definition sloppy thinker. We don’t choose our thoughts, beliefs or conversations we have deliberately. Almost 90 % of the thoughts you have don’t serve you and almost 90% of the conversations you have don’t serve you. These are often about things you don’t want in your life instead of things you do want in your life.

Most importantly, you have a belief system that doesn’t even support you. You have been picking up beliefs your whole life. Some beliefs work for you but most of them don’t. In some cases, you just adapt to other people’s beliefs just to please them. If you analyze your belief system you will find out that 50% are not even yours. And most of the time you are to busy defending them even if you say your belief in it. Why? If your belief is strong enough you don’t need to defend it, only if you think its not true.

You can create any reality you want you can even change your reality by focusing your thought in to the things you want. This is the only way you can attract particles that will behave according to your new belief system. We all create our lives by action but its much profitable to create life by focus, paying attention to your thoughts and choosing beliefs that works for you. We have already learned how to use quantum mechanics in practically every machine that we use. It’s the most logical step that we now start to learn how to control our reality instead of trying to control others. It’s time to be conscious and push our reality in the direction we want. It is time to wake up and take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. Positive or negative that shouldn’t matter, everything is a creation of yourself.

If we start teaching people how it works? Everybody will gain so much personally and professionally. We will not be in need of help. Everyone will take their responsibility and they will stop pointing out others as the cause of their problem.

Nobody is in control of how you feel only you are in control of your emotions and decisions.

I am open to have a conversation with anybody on this topic 🙂