Our aligned uplifted and gifted team



Since he was young, he felt very special. Never knew we were all special and powerful. After a very fascinating journey with received visions, ideas and guidance from his inner self. Now he reads vibrations converted into emotions and translates them very accurately for everything that happens in his life. He can sense others very quickly and often knows how to bring clarity exactly where it is needed.


Brigitta, together with Menoodj i’am the thinker, developer, and practitioner of alignement. Together we started our journey on living in alignment, along the way we discovered ways and resources to live our live in alignement with our true self, we discovered our heritage, and that what we really are. We are from the source of all that is. And thus we are love. Answers of the many questions I had often came to me by reading books. nowadays the information comes easy though connecting with my inner self. I can uplift and guide you when you are open to it. I am able to receive any questions you have. 


Leandro takes care of the marketing and communication of Alignment. He is busy every day learning to discover himself in order to master his reality. Through self-training in meditation and observation, things are becoming clearer to him. With many positive manifestations and without realizing it, he is a very strong manifester. With this in our mind we can be asure of a very organised strategic marketing approach of Alignment.


Next to his intensive Alignment daily exersises, Mario is starting to create his reality accordingly. He loves doing his Alignment work and has just been starting his medidtation sessions. Mario is responsible for the branding and image of Alignment. He takes care of the website and ensures that our social media always looks good. Since we have started a new branding since April 2022, you will probably encounter transitional moments here and there. But with Mario at our side and his Alignment everything works out perfectly.