Conditionally versus Unconditionally


We are so focused living our lives on conditions (money, relationships, work) that we think we need them in order to feel good. But is this really true? Is it not the feeling what we are looking for instead of the condition? Don’t we all just want tofeel good and enjoy life fully? Why do we think we need  these conditions? In order to feel good? We always say to each other that we love unconditionally, but is this really true? Are we capable of loving someone unconditionally? Don’t we all judge people by their behavior? And is it not true that we all want people to behave in the way that is most convenient for us?

And what about confirmation? We always need confirmationby our loved ones, our bosses and society and why? To feel good? Can’t we just feel good regardless what people think of us. You want to be the best partner, colleague and friend. And if someone judges you, it doesn’t feel nice.

But If we started to really live life unconditionally things would start to change. We would not be worried about any judgment and we wouldn’t try to seek confirmation all the time. You would be very powerful and you could do anything you want because it would not matter.

So, what will happen if we feel good  without the condition?What if you train your mind to feel happy regardless the conditions or the state you are in now in the present (*point of attraction). I promise you your point of attraction will start to change immediately and you would attract ONLY those things you really care about. You would feel good all the time and you would only care about how YOU feel NOT about how others feel about you. You would live life unconditionally and it would release you from all the stress in your life. This is calledALIGNMENT. Because when you are able to focus your mindon living life unconditionally, your point of attraction will change and so will your life. You will be able to create the job, the relationship and/or money that you want.

Start living live unconditionally because you are the creator of your own reality.

*your point of attraction is where you are in life and the way you feel by observing it.