How it Works

Alignment simply means being connected with your true energetic self and always choosing what YOU want in life (choosing yourself). Living a life of alignment means that you are—living your life fully according to your own desires and not to please others.

We are all connected with each other. We stem from and are part of a mass consciousness. In this mass consciousness, we also have an individual consciousness and our own wishes. This individuality gives us the urge to want to gain experiences, such as experiencing what is like to be sad or happy and experiencing how things taste or sound. We live in a vibrational universe. Everything in our universe consists of vibration and we are simply translators of these vibrations. By translating these vibrations into physical manifestations, we can gain experiences. You are then able to experience what you desire in your life and let it materialise. You are just not aware of how to do this yet. On an unconscious level, you have been materialising or creating all your life. In this program, we explain to you how to manifest the experiences you desire and let you be the creator of your own reality.

Everything you do in your life starts with a thought. Without thought there is no desire and therefore no action. This initial thought is simply the first translation of a vibration. How does it work? If you focus on a thought, this thought will always attract similar thoughts; that is the Law of Attraction. These thoughts will eventually create a stream of thoughts, after which an emotion follows. This emotion is the first translation of a vibration into something tangible. Depending on the strength of this emotion you will create a vibration/frequency that will eventually be emitted into your physical world. This vibration that you are sending out wants to connect with a vibration of the same kind. So, if you have positive thoughts and emotions, they will connect with positive physical manifestations. If you have negative thoughts and emotions, they connect with negative physical manifestations. You decide which thoughts you receive; you have control over them. Your thoughts will ultimately determine your belief system. This belief system is the frame of reference from which your physical reactions arise. Did you know that a belief is just a thought you repeatedly keep thinking? After thinking the thought long enough, you start to believe in it yourself — you have, in essence, convinced yourself. Beliefs that you have will eventually bolster a vibration/frequency force. This will cause certain manifestations to come about more quickly. Everyone on this globe has beliefs that serve them and beliefs that do not serve them. These beliefs always start with a thought that either does or does not serve you.

Vibrations without resistance (resistance = negative thoughts = contrasting thoughts) will find and manifest the same type of vibrations much faster. A frequency that has resistance will connect you to the opposite of what you want in life. You quickly focus on things that are not going well in your life and that you, therefore, have resistance to. These manifestations go just as fast as the ones you have no resistance to. The universe makes no distinction in words. There is no right or wrong for the universe. What you send you get back in multitudes. Resistance is simply the product of poor focus and choosing thoughts that do not serve you. We do this every day without realising it, choosing thoughts that do not serve us. People who cannot control their thoughts are default creators. People who are in control of their thoughts are conscious creators.