To be aligned you must completely love yourself (100%). Most people easily answer that they love themselves. But if you continue to ask questions, 95% of this is often not the case. If you completely love yourself then you never have to defend yourself. You do not have to justify yourself and you always do what you want without resistance. If you fully control this then you will love yourself completely and you will be in alignment with yourself.

Alignment simply means “the relationship you have with yourself”. If your relationship with yo

urself is in the same line, then nothing stops you from having success in everything you do in your life. You just have to learn how to do that. The first steps are always that you choose to feel good and that you always put yourself in the first place.

the first steps you have to take are:

a. Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you in your life

b. Always be aware of what you think and how you feel

c. Always think and talk about what you want and not about what you don´t want

By taking these first steps, you are halfway towards your success.